About us

Desto is a real family business which, over the past few years, has developed into an established technical support and maintenance company. With lots of local and foreign companies as clients, they are a well-known name in their line of business.

Founder Gerard Beneden started the company in 2001. Later on his wife Evelien Beneden joined him on administrative level. In 2016 his eldest son Devon Beneden joined the company. Together they are growing their company.

Nowadays, the family is supported by staff members who are very excited to help clients solve their technical challenges or issues. All eager to deliver sustainable solutions of high quality and reliability. With years of experience and a good and sharp eye we will visit the customer its’ location to be able to design the best solution. We are improving our portfolio every day. Every day we hope to take steps into the direction of becoming your go-to partner for technical challenges.